Secrets of our Universe with Tim Peake

Secrets of our Universe with Tim Peake trailer

As one of only 602 people ever to have travelled into space, astronaut Tim Peake gives us a unique perspective as he takes us on an incredible journey through our universe.

In this unmissable landmark series, he explores The Planets in our solar system, Stars and Black Holes and finally what it’s like to actually Live in Space.

Each episode tackles some of the BIG questions: what are stars made from? What is a black hole? How far have humans gone in space? And ultimately could there be life beyond our earth? And Tim will also explore why some planets have rings. How soon will it be before we’re living on Mars and how do you go to the toilet when there’s zero gravity.

On his journey Tim will visit astonishing locations – like the extraordinary observatory that detects new unseen planets and the slopes of a volcano that offers the best stargazing on earth. And he’ll take us into our solar system and beyond using high-end graphics and stunning archive. Tim became the first Brit to live on the International Space Station. Now he shares the wonders of space. With his unique experience and burning passion for everything cosmic, Tim is the perfect host to take us on a journey to discover the secrets of our universe.

It’s good to see Channel 5 blasting out of their comfort zone with this ambitious three-parter

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