Objective Media Group Scotland and Panda go cyber-tech for CBBC

30 June 2017

Objective Media Group Scotland and Panda go cyber-tech for CBBC

Brand new CBBC format sees children on a quest to return freedom to the universe in a sci-fi, cyberpunk, space-opera adventure gameshow.

Objective Media Group Scotland and Panda TV have been commissioned to make Fear Falls (working title) for CBBC.

The 10x30’ television series sees virtual reality meet actual reality as young contestants control heroic avatars to navigate dystopian industrial environments from the comfort of their own homes.

In an echo of videogames, the players command real life actors playing the avatars, speaking directly with them and seeing what they see, as they overcome a series of obstacles on a mission to help the forces of good overcome a dark and mysterious nemesis. No pixelated graphics, no CGI, just real people, real sets, real tension and real fun!

Commissioned by Cheryl Taylor with Executive Producer Hugh Lawton and created by OMG Scotland’s Toby Stevens and Ryan Meloy, the pioneering series will use the latest tech to enable contestants to be involved from all corners of the UK, playing directly from home. The CBBC viewers will be gripped not only by the play along aspect of the puzzles, but also by the continuing storyline in this unique, futuristic and dramatic gameshow.

Head of OMG Scotland, Toby Stevens said, “We’re thrilled that CBBC have greenlit this genuinely innovative idea. We know young audiences love big characters, an immersive experience, puzzles, a dramatic storyline, watching their peers play games and goodies vs baddies. Successfully blending all of these will ensure a show they will love.”

Hugh Lawton, CBBC Executive Producer for Independents added, “Cyborgs, freedom fighters and quests to save the universe. This brand new concept is so exciting. I wish I was 12 years old!"

Fear Falls will be produced by Objective Media Group Scotland and Panda TV for CBBC.

The series will be executive produced by Stevens for OMG Scotland and Moira Ross for Panda and will TX in 2018.