OMGA's Great Balloon Bomb Invasion to launch on discovery+

9 December 2021

OMGA's Great Balloon Bomb Invasion to launch on discovery+

Undiscovered history special, “Great Balloon Bomb Invasion”, to launch on discovery+, Thursday, December 2

Produced by Objective Media Group America (an All3Media America company), the documentary film unveils the deadly legacy of a secret WW2 attack on the U.S. mainland.

Many Americans were taught that the U.S. mainland was not attacked during WW2. But it was. Between 1944 and 1945, the Japanese launched more than 9000 bomb-rigged balloons across the Pacific, resulting in tragic deaths in Oregon. These lethal “Fu-Go” bombs reached as far east as Indiana and as far south as Texas...but only 300 have ever been found, leaving potentially thousands of deadly bombs scattered across the US. For the first time ever, an investigation is launched into the hidden history of this attack, with a high-tech hunt for the unexploded remnants.

Jilly Pearce, Executive Vice-President Objective Media Group America, comments: “Great Balloon Bomb Invasion pulls back the curtain on a World War II secret that has left a potentially lethal legacy, still hidden in America’s backyard to this day. The story of these bombs has remained out of the public eye for 75 years and this special brings all of it, finally, to the surface.“

“Great Balloon Bomb Invasion” is produced for discovery+ by Objective Media Group America (an All3Media America Company). Executive Producers are Stu Chait, Jilly Pearce and Layla Smith, with Saterah Moore as serving as SVP of Current at Objective Media Group America, and Rebekah Fry as SVP of Current at All3Media America.

For discovery+, John Slaughter, Igal Svet, and Howard Swartz serve as Executive Producers, with Joe Mazzeo as Coordinating Producer.